photo gallery of specimens with soft tissue
In this page we are going to add pictures of fossil specimens we own,
 which are from some world famous quarries known as "Largerstatten".
 Most of specimens in this page are preserved 
 not only hard shells or skins but also totally soft tissues,
 and such specimens are rarely seen 
 in common quarry except these Largerstatten.... 
last update 09/11/06 ... Burgess shale and Chengjiang fauna pages are temporary unavailable for some problem. Some Bundenbach/Vendian specimens will be added to soon.
09/03/02 ... Very many Chengjiang(some are from Guanshang quarry) fossils has been added to Chengjiang page7.
             UK Cambrian materials in Cambrian ROW page, and moroccan ordovician carpoid and some hunsruck materials has been added.
08/11/14 ... several specimens including Anomalocaris species have been added. New specimens are as follows
             Chengjiang: anomalocarid10~16, arthropod-others-04, arthropod-phyllocarid-12~13, arthropod-trilobite-06+56,lobopod07~08,vetulicoid05,worm-unknown-04/ burgess31~34/ ordovician-morocco-4/ wheeler-33
08/05/21 ... add a Hallucigenia to Wheeler Fm page, several including phyllocarids in Weeks Fm page, and many other.
08/01/05 ... add many specimens to Burgess/Weeks/Wheeler shale page in the Cambrian section
07/03/25 ... some of Weeks shale fossils have been added in the Cambrian section
07/10/24 ... Cambrian page/ Paleozoic page renewal
07/03/01 ... Weeks shale fossils have been added in the Cambrian section
06/08/26 ... very many pics have been added to every each section
06/01/04 ... some specimens added to each sectiton/ New page Ordovician world
05/09/26 ... some Utah Cambrian specimens added

  Vendian(precambrian) --- White Sea/Ediacara etc.
under construction
Cambrian --- other specimens from the Cambrian world
Paleozoic era --- "Cambrian creature" in other quarries
Devonian --- Hunsruck shale (Germany)
Carboniferous --- Mazon Creek (IL, USA) under construction Jurasic/Cretaceous boundary --- Yuxian(Liaoning, China) under construction
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Please note that we cannot be responsible for any loss if you utilize any contents in this website with trust (many wrong and out-of-date informations would be contained). Some of classifications of fossil species in this site are NOT correct from the aspect of taxonomy, like Branchiocaris as "phyllocarid-like creature". And since the objective of this website is merely to create photo gallery so we will not attach precise descriptions to each of the specimens basically.
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